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Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield is a growing mattress cleaning service with certified and licensed technicians. We are proud to provide in both residential and commercial mattress cleaning. Additionally, customer satisfaction and happiness are always our priority, and we do everything it takes to ensure your mattresses are super-clean. Our team will help you enhance the quality and appearance of your mattress with our affordable cleaning services!

The extensive training and regular eco-friendly cleaning services we offer have greatly helped us in gaining professionalism.

The main reasons to choose Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield:

  • We use advanced cleaning equipment, products, and tools.
  • We offer the lowest mattress cleaning prices.
  • All our cleaning technicians are certified and licensed.
  • We have extensive industry experience.
  • We offer free estimates and deliver emergency cleaning services.
  • We are available every day, including weekends.

Do you know that a clean home is a healthy home? Currently, indoor air quality is a significant concern, and you should make sure your family stays healthy all the time with clean mattresses. We have a team of experts who really understand all that it takes to have your mattress extremely clean. Enjoy better sleep with a fresh and clean mattress!

Whenever you observe asthmatic and other respiratory conditions among your family members upon awaking, consider getting in touch with a professional cleaner to get rid of dust, dust mites, and their excrement from all your mattresses. Try our high-quality cleaning services and experience the difference!

Professional Methods of Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is an essential service. Dust and dust mites tend to accumulate on mattresses and pillows when you fail to clean your beds for a long time. These are some of the most common problem-causing allergens. Also, they are triggers of asthma in many individuals. So, it is essential to get rid of them together with their droppings and other dirt from your mattresses through experienced mattress care specialists.

  • Hot water extraction/steam cleaning. As the name suggests, we use hot water to clean mattresses, and then extract the hot water along with the dirt. With the moisture thus reduced, it will dry in about 3-4 hours.
  • Deep cleaning method. We use appropriate and safe cleaning agents to address more serious soiling, such as urine and blood stains.

At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield, we do a thorough cleaning of mattresses and give you peace of mind as you sleep. All our cleaning products are safe but extremely effective in getting out stains, odors, and other forms of dirt.

As we spend a great deal of precious moments on our mattresses sleeping, it's worth giving your mattress a deep clean. This keeps your sleeping environment hygienic and fresh. So, why not give us a try?

Difference Between Deep and Steam Cleaning

Despite the two techniques being quite beneficial when taking care of your mattresses, they have significant differences. Mattress steam cleaning, also known as the hot water extraction method involves water at extremely high temperatures to remove dirt. Performing steam cleaning takes a shorter time to finish than deep cleaning.

On the other hand, deep cleaning is a more intensive cleaning process, meant to get rid of serious dirt and other materials. It pairs hot water extraction with the best enzymatic cleaners and stain removers to take out tough stains.

At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield, we can provide you with the best carpet cleaning, whether you need steam cleaning or deep cleaning.

Mattress treatment: what steps to include?

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield employs the following process in mattress treatment that leaves your mattress contaminant-free, clean, and healthy.

  1. First, we suck up all the waste and dirt within your mattress using our powerful vacuum. These include pet hair, dust mites and their excrement, solid particles, and skin cells, and flakes.
  2. We then clean the mattress by either the steam cleaning or deep cleaning method.
  3. If sanitizing is requested, we use antibacterial products to get rid of all the bacteria and pathogens in your mattress.
  4. We have industry-standard stain removers to remove all the sweat and tough stains.
  5. Your mattress is then sanitized and deodorized after cleaning to give it that fresh and clean feel!

After we're done with all the cleaning, you'll notice a significant reduction in allergy-related health conditions often caused by dust and dust mites. You will have a sound sleep on a clean mattress that's brighter and newer.

We smoothly and efficiently clean your mattresses to absolute satisfaction. Our services can optionally include odor and pet stain treatment, depending on your needs. Since we are licensed and insured, don't hesitate to count on us for all your mattress cleaning services.

Our mattress specialists are ready to serve and help you with all your mattress cleaning needs. Discuss more with our technicians about mattress cleaning or get an estimate over the phone. One of our specialists will give you all the information you may need about mattress cleaning. Feel free to talk to us!

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