Mold Testing in Springfield

The dream of every human is to live a peaceable life full of wellness, abundance and vitality. This dream might be under attack because of the reality of mold.

These fluffy microorganisms are subtle destroyers of your health as they make you vulnerable to allergens, dust mites and even air pollutants. It is in your best interest to get them figured out and expunged so that you can continue to live your dream.

Here's Where We Come In

If Springfield is where you live, then Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield is waiting to help you solve mold problems relating to inspection and testing for mold. We are the masters when it comes to locating these tricky organisms in their hidden spots.

For every homeowner living in this area, it's important to point it out to you pointblank that your homes might be harboring one of the most destructive microorganisms of all time, capable of turning your property into ruin in no time - molds.

What Do We Do?

The magic of easing the process of mold removal lies within our disposal. Through our mold inspection and mold testing services, we make the process of mold remediation seamless and less enervating.

Mold Inspection

If you are not sure about having mold under your cracked tiles or in the basement, we are more than ready to take up an inspection of your property. By inspection, we mean, bringing our equipment, specialist and knowledge to your rescue. We engage this trio power to the best of our ability to identify where mold is hiding in your property.

For those who are observant, here are some signs that your home might be under siege from mold; If you notice crumbling plaster, blistering paint, warping walls, new crack in your tiles that get deeper or gaps in your gout, then, you might have an imminent mold issue. Also, if you perceive an unpleasant odor from your well-groomed apartment, mold might be hiding somewhere.

The benefits of having an inspection for mold on your property is enormous. Some of it includes:

  • It confirms the actuality of molds on your property and this helps you to take the next step.
  • Early detection which helps you to quickly expunge molds from your property. This also saves you from the stress of having to spend unnecessarily on your health.
  • Molds are fast destroyers. So, detecting them early saves you from having to spend on renovating your property.

The process of inspecting your property for mold is straightforward. Once notified of a job, our specialists swing into action. First, they ensure that the suspected areas are thoroughly combed for possible mold infestation. After which, they go ahead to discover the source of the mold, so that it can be cut off, thus reducing the spread.

In addition, after the inspection is completed, our specialists offer viable recommendations to the clients on what action to take concerning the discovered molds where found; and the preventive actions to embark upon to prohibit mold invasion on the property.

Mold Testing

Aside from inspecting spaces for possible mold invasion, we also offer mold testing services. The idea of mold testing is not far-fetched, it simply refers to the process of ascertaining how much more mold is in your structure, compared to the normal levels in the area, as well as the specific type of mold that has infested a particular place. Testing to know the structure and nature of specific molds helps to better understand how to eliminate them completely.

The testing process involves the following:

  • Arrival on-site with different tactical vests and equipment for sample collection.
  • Collection of control sample which is the first sample that would be collected on-site. This is what would be used to determine the quantity of molds present on your property.
  • Collection of samples from affected parts. These samples form the basis of the test as it is subjected to laboratory procedures so that the exact kind of mold can be detected.

Why Are We Your Go-to Guys?

For several reasons and more, we are the best guys for the perfect jobs. Consider the following:

  • We are qualified

    Unlike other sham mold service operators who go about with no official training, ours is different. We are certified to carry out mold inspection and testing all over Springfield and beyond.

  • We've got the experience

    Our team of specialist are the best to get the job done for you in no time. They have every requisite skill, knowledge and experience to do a flawless job for you.

  • We've got the equipment

    Talk of the best equipment and technological gadgets that gets the job done within the twinkle of an eye, all of these are within our disposal. Our equipment are not old and archaic neither are they ineffective and unimportant; in fact, they are the best gadgets that should be used to solve any of your mold problems.

  • We offer affordable price for quality

    One thing that distinguishes us from our competition is the kind of service we offer to the public. Not only are these services the best, they also are fair and affordable. What drives us to attend to your mold issues is our desire to see you healthy and your property, safeguarded. We do not prioritize our profit over the well-being of our clients.

Who should call for mold testing and mold inspection services?

Anyone with a home can contact us for any of these services. From experience, all homes are potential abodes for molds. This is because, all homes use water and at some point, there could be burst or spills, thus, making it possible for molds to thrive.

Delay might be costly, and there's no point risking your life and that of your loved ones; call us at 703-879-4595 for any of these services now! Our team is enthused to have you as part of our success story.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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Phillip Helfenbein
Technician was early for appointment, worked efficiently and finished in good time. Carpets look great, pet stains are gone.
Paul Astrow
Walfred worked very hard to remove stubborn stains. He was friendly, courteous and professional. He came early and cleaned up before he left. I would use this technician again.
Janet Hunter
Very professional and friendly. Explained the process in detail and the cost, was very up front about expectations of odor services in rig.
Michael Castellan
Professional and efficient service. Technician was a few minutes later than he estimated but was flexible in providing an additional service on our stairs that I had forgotten to include on our initial service request.
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