Mold Remediation in Springfield

Are you suffering from a constant stuffy nose, headache, or allergies? If so, you might be dealing with a mold problem in your house.

Molds are generally found in dark, damp places with poor ventilation. Basements, attics, air ducts, and crawl spaces are some of the common places of mold growth. Some of the common symptoms of mold growth include musty odor, discolored ceilings, water damage, or visible growth of mold.

If you happen to have mold in your house, it is important that you treat it right away. There are many DIY pages out there that claim to have the secret to get rid of mold right away. But mold cleanup is not that easy, and you should not expose yourself to it. Instead, allow a professional to take care of this task.

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield is a reputed mold removal service provider that has the professional expertise to do this job. Our experts leverage tried and tested methods to remove the mold from your house efficiently.

Is the Mold Removal Process Difficult?

Mold spores spread easily and quickly. Try to wipe up visible mold, and you risk spreading the mold further. This issue can damage your house completely. Along with that, mold exposure can be harmful to your health and your family's health. It can cause itchy eyes, bleeding noses, memory problems, chronic fatigue, breathing issues, coughing, etc. Moreover, mold spores are tiny and often not visible to the naked eye, and they tend to hide in places that you won't think of checking. So while you may be able to get mold cleanup from the visible areas, they will still be in your house, and you will still be exposed.

Mold removal is a difficult task that has certain risks associated with it. This is why instead of doing it yourself, you should invest in professional mold removal services.

We at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield, with our team of experts, can help you get rid of mold effectively. We understand that it takes more than deep cleaning to eliminate mold growth. You may be able to remove the mold visible to you with scrubbing, but what about the tiny spores that are hidden away? In merely 24 to 48 hours, spores can turn into mold and damage your house.

Our team will assess the mold problem and its extent and plan an effective remediation process. After that, we will use powerful tools and professional methods to eliminate mold from your house or business.

Our mold removal services are not done by merely getting rid of the molds; we also prevent any re-growth in the future as well. Want to make sure? After our work is done, we can do a mold test to prove that we have done the task efficiently.

Why Should You Choose Our Business?

Mold Remediation That Reaches To The Source

To remove mold from your house, we dig deep and look for the root of the problem. Our mold removal services look for water intrusion, moisture buildup, and other factors that can cause this growth. After mold cleanup, we suggest a moisture control plan that will eliminate the risk of mold re-growth.

Get Healthier Air Back In Your House

We use specialized cleaning liquids to get rid of mold, bacteria, and mildew. This way we are able to improve the air quality in your home. We also use air scrubbers to remove spores from the air until the problem has been resolved.

Proven Results

Our mold removal services deliver immediate and effective results. This is because we follow all industry standards and protocols to take care of the problem most effectively.

Don't let the mold ruin your beautiful home! Contact us today for the best mold removal services and we will help you get rid of mold in no time at all.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!
Testimonials & Reviews
Phillip Helfenbein
Technician was early for appointment, worked efficiently and finished in good time. Carpets look great, pet stains are gone.
Paul Astrow
Walfred worked very hard to remove stubborn stains. He was friendly, courteous and professional. He came early and cleaned up before he left. I would use this technician again.
Janet Hunter
Very professional and friendly. Explained the process in detail and the cost, was very up front about expectations of odor services in rig.
Michael Castellan
Professional and efficient service. Technician was a few minutes later than he estimated but was flexible in providing an additional service on our stairs that I had forgotten to include on our initial service request.
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