8 Tips For Carpet Cleaning By Professionals

Carpets are a huge investment in your home. They enhance the overall appeal of your house so it's important to keep them clean, not to mention that they can trap allergens and other contaminants, which can be problematic for individuals with allergies or asthma. But with so much misinformation out there, how can you know how to take care of your carpet the best way?

Say you have spilled some juice on the carpet. You could search for information on how to address juice stains, but how do you know if the information is really correct and won't cause the carpet to be stained or otherwise damaged?

At Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield, our experts are happy to provide you with some basic tips we have seen, and we feel comfortable that these tips are very conservative and not too likely to cause damage. We urge you to proceed with caution, as any detergent or chemical you use on your carpet can affect the success of future cleaning attempts. And if you are ever in doubt, call us at 703-879-4595. Our carpet cleaning experts can take care of whatever cleaning issue your carpet is facing.

With so many different types of carpets and so many different ways they get dirty, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for how often you should clean them or what products to use. But we've compiled all the information you need to know about carpet cleaning. Here we have shared useful tips to take care of your carpets in between professional cleanings:

#1 Don't Rub In Stains

If you're trying to get a spill off of your carpet, most people think that the best way is to rub it in or use a lot of aggressive cleaning. This will only push the liquid deeper into the fibers and create an even bigger problem than before. Instead, try dabbing up as much moisture from the spill as you can.

We don't recommend trying to spot clean the area with anything but water, because we've seen what can happen when cleaning solution is left in the carpet and we come after to clean and don't know what was used. Chemicals can react with each other in nasty and unexpected ways. When applying water, you can use clean dry cloths to absorb the stain up from the carpet.

#2 Remove Chewing Gum With Ice

One of the most common mishaps that can happen to your carpet is chewing gum. It's a nightmare for sure, and your instinct is to try to remove that sticky, gooey mess immediately. Stop! This can have the opposite effect of making the gum more of a problem than it already was. Fill a plastic bag with ice, and place it over the gum so that it cools off and hardens. Once it is hard, you can probably remove most of it with the help of a scraping tool, like a knife. For whatever is left, professional assistance will take care of it.

#3 Use Dish Soap To Cut Grease

Grease stains can be gently treated with dish soap, because it really needs something to cut the grease. Simply mix one cup of warm water with 4 tablespoons in a bowl or basin, and dip a clean cloth in it. Use the cloth to put pressure on the stain and leave it there for five minutes. Using a clean and dry cloth, blot up the moisture from the carpet. Keep blotting until the stain is gone.

#4 Baking Soda As Deodorizer

If you notice your carpet has an odor, sprinkle baking soda over it and leave it on for 20 minutes or even an hour. Then vacuum up the powder. Our experts note that this may not always be effective for deodorizing pet urine stains, but our team is ready to help in that case.

#5 Clean Any Spills Immediately

As soon as you have a spill, don't let it sit there. Clean up the mess immediately with paper towels or an absorbent cloth. The longer that spills are allowed to stay, the more they will penetrate deep into the fibers and stain them permanently.

If the spill is of a sugary nature, such as soda or fruit juice, it's best to use cold water and blot up as much of the liquid as possible.

#6 Removing Spilled Candle Wax

Candle wax can be treated much like chewing gum and removed with ice.

Ever heard of using an iron to melt out candle wax? Our experts have seen what can happen when an iron is too hot and it literally melts the carpet fibers. It's disastrous. If candle wax doesn't come off completely with ice, contact a professional to clean it safely and effectively.

#7 Don't Wait

Did you know? The longer a spot is on your carpet without being addressed, the more likely it is to become a permanent stain. For the best results, rely on carpet cleanng professionals for stain removal services.

#8 Regular Deep Cleaning Is Important

Regular deep cleaning of your carpet is important because it will help to maintain the integrity and durability of its fibers. If you do not keep up with regular deep cleanings, dirt particles can become embedded in your carpets which leads to stains that are difficult or impossible to remove without professional services. Stains on their own may damage the quality of your carpet. If a professional is not called in to remove stains, they can turn into permanent blemishes, which lower the value of your home. For homeowners with high-quality carpets, the home's resale value greatly depends upon keeping them clean and stain-free.

Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield is one of the best green carpet cleaners in the locality. The experts take commercial and residential carpet cleaning for clients across the area. The experts at Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield are experienced and well-trained to know how to clean carpets professionally and make them appear new and fresh. Moreover, you get cheap carpet cleaning without any compromise on the quality.

So what are you waiting for?! Call Hippo Carpet Cleaning Springfield and get the best carpet cleaning services today.

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